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Buyers Guide Review (July 2023):

Category: All in One Practice Management


A well established international vendor with a modern and attractive AWS hosted platform, Actionstep is a comprehensive practice management solution that offers a wide range of features and tools to streamline and enhance law firm operations.

Larger firms with more comprehensive document management requirements can benefit from tight integration with NetDocuments among a suite of available integrations.


What we like most about Actionstep:

  • Fully browser based platform.

  • Wide range of integrations with other quality providers.

  • User friendly interface.

  • Highly customisable workflows.

  • Strong roadmap.

  • Both Native and Xero accounts options available.

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Core review criteria:


Business structure: Actionstep operates under an ownership model known as "Client Capital." In this model, the law firms that subscribe to and use Actionstep software become shareholders and owners of the company. This ownership structure sets Actionstep apart from traditional software vendors where customers are merely purchasers of a product or service. 

Ease of use: The ease of use of the ActionStep solution befits a true cloud application that is well designed and supports a multitude of customers across a range of demographics and jurisdictions. The user experience is enhanced through the availability of an excellent mobile application available on both Apple and Android platforms.
Rating 5/5

Architecture & roadmap: 100% browser based and AWS hosted, ActionStep has a robust and future proof architecture. Interaction with the ActionStep team highlight a refreshingly positive approach to extending the future functionality and as such, the solution has a strong roadmap. The only negative here being the likely reliance on NetDocuments for more advanced document management features.
Rating 4/5

Integrations: An open approach to integration and strong line up of existing integrations with well chosen complementary solutions (many featuring elsewhere in this guide) are a benchmark of modern software design and reflect well on the desire of ActionStep to work well with other leading providers in the industry. There is also good API support for non-standard integrations.
Rating 5/5

Implementation: ActionStep utilise a combination in-house and outsourced implementation resources by jurisdiction to load balance the resourcing nessesary for this highly configurable solution and has the practiced approach to implementation that you would expect from a rapidly growing customer base.
Rating 4/5

Value for money: With a modern subscription approach to licensing and a sensible approach to pricing for add on components such as "off the shelf" workflows, ActionStep won't break the bank but has a strong licensing model that will underpin the future stability of the business.

Rating 5/5

Things to consider: Native document management is not the strongest and larger firms will potentially need to implement NetDocuments which will increase cost.

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