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Last updated February 2024:

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  • Digital Document Transformation

  • Digital Transformation


Agilicos' dedicated and hugely popular, legal sector focussed, team look after the managed document services needs of over 200 UK law firms to help simplify, enhance and de-risk the capture, management, collaboration and distribution of inbound and outbound documents, through a people and process first approach.


Agilico are independent of any manufacturer or software platform, allowing a highly consultative approach, which is well received by a host of high profile clients across the UK (plus some in EMAE and USA). 


This independence allows Agilico to design and implement the best 3rd party solutions for each customer according to their unique needs.


As specialist “agile” workflow and workplace technology providers, Agilico supplied solutions integrate with every leading legal PMS, CMS and DMS system allowing them to enhance and improve the technologies the firm has already invested in.

Established for around 30 yrs, co-founder and industry stalwart David Newman heads up the Legal sector arm. The business has 17 offices, 450 staff and is backed by Horizon Capital.

Headline services include:

  • Managed print services that give organisations a highly dependable, secure and cost-effective print capability for their teams

  • Information management systems that digitise documents, data and workflow, giving people easy access to the processes and information they need.

  • Agile working solutions that allow employees to operate effectively and efficiently from anywhere.

  • Telecoms and IT services that keep employees, customers and partners connected and productive.

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Agilico or request an introduction.

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