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Last updated February 2024:

Recommended for: 


  • All in One Practice Management


A highly recommended and capable solution available in Australia, USA and the UK, ​Smokeball represents a sound selection for any law firm in the 1-30 seat sector within which they have a laser focus.

One of the highlights of this product is the excellent "Autotime" facility that enables users to track and capture activities automatically, increasing billable time.


What we like most about Smokeball:

  • Beautifully designed user friendly interface.
  • Hassle free implementation.

  • Automated time tracking facility.

  • Comprehensive document and matter templates across multiple practice areas.

  • Simple but effective workflow capability.

  • Interactive client portal

  • Outstanding customer service

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Smokeball or request an introduction.

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Business structure:

A relatively young, dynamic and highly experienced team drive the privately owned Smokeball business internationally with record of strong growth and a good emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Ease of use:

Quite possibly the most intuitive user interface we've ever seen, which will really help with user adoption within a business deploying this solution.

Architecture & roadmap:

A fully hosted solution within AWS, there are desktop, browser and mobile interfaces available with the highest levels of functionality available via the desktop application and Microsoft Windows machines. Smokeball invest well in their development function and have a strong roadmap.


Typically deploying within firms with little or no technology support in-house, most integrations are written and managed by Smokeball with a fast-growing list of API partners and selected complementary integrated solutions available to the user base.


Smokeball have a highly competent and cost-effective implementation approach that serves their small law target market well. While largely "off the shelf", the product offers up more than enough configurability through simple, easy to use tools for those looking for customisation.

Value for money:

About as good as it gets for the 1-30 user demographic. Licences are on the usual per-user-per -month basis and contracts range from 1-3 years.

Things to consider:

Well established in Australia and the USA, Smokeball are taking a measured approach to preparing for launching in the UK in the second half of 2023 and buyers can be confident that the solution will be in great shape from the word go.

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