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Last Updated September 2023:


  • Client Communication & Mobile Apps

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Created by a team of experienced lawyers who fundamentally understand the challenges that law firms face day to day, inCase is a client facing, law firm branded, communication and onboarding application for mobile, tablet and desktop which enables law firms to significantly improve interaction with clients.

The application can be fully integrated into any case management system (something that the inCase team verify and guarantee before signing new customers) and utilises secure banking grade encryption to protect customer data.

The solution provides excellent automation, speed and efficiency benefits with users generally experiencing a claimed 40% decrease in matter timelines and a staggering 80% reduction in calls & emails as clients feel more informed throughout the legal process.


What we like most about inCase:

  • Significantly improves client satisfaction with firms averaging 4.7 out of 5 on in-app ratings.​

  • Instant push notifications help to pre-empt client enquiries, significantly reducing the workload for lawyers.

  • The platform improves client response times with average form & questionnaire completion in less than 24 hours.

  • Helps protect against fraudulent activity & money laundering.

  • ID Verification, Digital Signature and payments on Account are all handled by the application.

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about inCase or request an introduction.

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Business structure

Born out of the efforts of a progressive law firm "by lawyers for lawyers", inCase is now a well-established privately held business based in Manchester and Cardiff with a thriving client base of over 130 law firms.

Ease of use:

Building a simple intuitive mobile interface to guide clients through often complex legal processes cannot be easy, and yet the inCase application is exactly that, beautifully designed and extremely easy to use, customer satisfaction is all but guaranteed.

Architecture & roadmap: 

inCase is a fully cloud based, and AWS hosted application within UK data centres, running natively on either desktop (browser), mobile or tablet (Android and Apple IOS apps both supported).
There is a strong development roadmap, with 2 major feature releases per year. An area of particular interest in the future development roadmap includes AI driven components such as enquiry handling tools to improve speed and efficiency.


The inCase solution is completely case management and practice management agnostic and the team behind it take a diligent approach to integrations (all managed in-house) with over 120 firms successfully integrated with a wide range of solutions across firms of all shapes and sizes.


Implementations are fully managed in-house by the inCase team with flexible approaches to suit each customer. Experienced on-boarding managers take customers through the implementation journey and following go-live, customer success managers are assigned on an ongoing bases. Average implementation time is 7-8 weeks from signature. 

Value for money:

Sold on a flexible subscription licence basis and a standard 12-month contract, inCase appears to be cost effective by comparison to other pricing models.

Things to consider: 

We particularly liked the approach of the inCase team, who are thoroughly invested in the platform and ensuring the best possible outcome for their law firm customers. Unusually, and to illustrate this, they provide a full specification prior to signature to ensure transparency.

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