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Last updated August 2023:

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  • Digital dictation and voice recognition


Nordic based voice productivity specialist Diktamen have been rapidly disrupting this established market for a few years now, winning significant market share and rave reviews for their cloud based technology and cost effective solutions.

Extraordinarily quick to implement, this solution provides almost immediate return on investment. 


What we like most about Diktamen:

  • 100% cloud based technology.

  • Very user friendly design

  • Simple to implement and use.

  • A very happy user base of satisfied customers.

  • Open API

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Diktamen or request an introduction.

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Business structure:

A small privately owned international company founded in Finland in 2007 and mainly focussed on the healthcare industry (Finland's heath care service is regarded as one of the best in the world) Dictamen was launched in the UK in 2018 focussing on the legal sector.

Ease of use:

Top rated by both end users and technical teams, with an impressive customer base of notable UK law firms, the Diktamen platform is very easy to live with.

Architecture & roadmap:

A key USP for Diktamen is that it is a native Cloud application accessible from anywhere. It is privately hosted within a UK GS2 data centre.


Diktamen has an Open API but in all likelihood most users will use this in a standalone fashion.


A solution that generally implements in a matter of days, according to most user reports.

Value for money:

Pricing at the time of writing would appear to be around £75 per user per year, a substantial saving on the systems it is likely to be replacing.

Things to consider: 

Diktamen is predominately focussed on the Nordic heathcare industry and as such the legal industry is not a core focus of the business although the features are interchangeable and should not affect the user experience.

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