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Last updated February 2024:

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  • Legal Accounts


The established global leader in the legal accounts space, who have traditionally serviced the top tier of law firms but now increasingly target the 60+ user mid market space with an adapted product offering to allow for cost effective deployment.

For a mid market firm requiring accounts functionality beyond that offered by the all in one practice management systems, Elite provides an excellent solution.

A recent restructuring exercise which sees Elite breaking out as an independent entity from Thomson Reuters should also see the business push forwards and evolve.


What we like most about Elite:

  • Fully cloud based solution.

  • Exceptional pedigree in the large law space.

  • Rich depth of functionality

  • True multi-jurisdiction, multi-entity and multi-currency support.

  • Highly experienced implementation teams.

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Business structure:

The recent restructuring exercise, with Elite now operating as a separate entity majority backed by TPG Venture Capital (Thomson Reuters maintain a minority stake), is set to afford a greater degree of agility and autonomy to the software business as they push the products forward.

Ease of use:

Elite 3E has been around for a long time and is highly functional. The interface is clean, if not as modern and intuitive as some of the more recent cloud solutions, but highly robust and scalable.

Architecture & roadmap:

Today 3E is a fully Cloud native application, thanks to a programme of modular redevelopment over the last few years, and is deployed on the Microsoft Azure platform (managed by Elite).

While Elite have an active development team and roadmap, the maturity of the application will not leave users waiting on functional releases too often.


Public APIs and a range of standard integrations are available. Additionally, 3rd party vendors will always be looking to integrate with Elite to access the large law client base, so it’s unlikely that customers will come up short in this regard.


Traditionally, implementing Elite 3E would be a huge, and expensive, undertaking - but recent moves to provide a more standardised, pre-configured deployment to smaller firms have improved that position.

Certainly not as quick or cost effective to deploy as the cloud based all in one solutions, 3E for some will remain out of reach.

Value for money:

Fundamentally this comes down to a question about how to spend your money. For many law firms, a single all in one solution will cater to all their needs and allow for a focus on the customer facing matter management and document management features.

For other businesses with international clients especially, or complex accounting needs, a product such as Elite would be viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury.

Things to consider:

If deploying the Elite 3E solution as a smaller law firm, you will need to select, purchase, and deploy a number of complementary solutions in order to build a "full stack" of practice management tools.

When doing this, it is important to consider the cost/benefit position against the perceived gains in accounts functionality and ensure that selected technologies have standard integrations to avoid costly bespoke development.

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