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Last updated August 2023:

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  • Workflow | Case Management


ShareDo significantly moves things on from the previous generation of case management systems, to a cloud based "low code", API first and fully scalable solution catering for both highly complex volume case management through and light touch matter management.

With a range of solution accelerators (preconfigured legal work types) available across a staggering 95 areas of law, ShareDo facilitates genuinely rapid deployment of case management.

What we like most about ShareDo:

  • Modern cloud based application.

  • Low code approach enabling easy ongoing development.

  • Infinitely scalable.

  • Huge selection of preconfigured applications.

  • API first approach.

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about ShareDo or request an introduction.

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Business structure:

Privately owned and modern, dynamic business based in Manchester, formed in 2015 now numbering 44 staff with the original founders still driving the business.

Ease of use:

A very nicely designed and useable interface positions ShareDo as arguably the most user friend and developer friendly workflow / case management system we have seen.

Architecture & roadmap:

A proprietary application, hosted on Azure and built on the Microsoft tech stack. As such ShareDo are in full control of the product direction which is significantly led by customer requests. Feature enhancements, are issued regularly (around 4 times a year) with a clear customer accessible roadmap available.


A very good standard list of industry standard integrations are available “out of the box” with the tool kit available to extend this as needed.


ShareDo follow a highly structured implementation process to facilitate the quality of implementations which are generally managed in-house but with additional systems implementation partners available both in the UK and globally.

Value for money:

Licence pricing for the ShareDo product is highly competitive and represents good value for money in the current market. However, implementation costs are comparable with traditional case management solutions.

Things to consider: 

As easy to implement as ShareDo is, firms looking to benefit from case management systems still need to invest appropriate resources and management backing to best leverage the investment.

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