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Reporting and Business Intelligence

Reporting is the process of generating and presenting structured and detailed information related to day to day activities, and performance within a law firm typically including financial, matter, fee earner and compliance reporting.

Business intelligence (BI) solutions are software platforms that provide law firms with actionable insights and data-driven analytics to make informed strategic decisions, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge by leveraging advanced analytics and data visualisation techniques to transform raw data into meaningful information.

  • Data Integration and Consolidation dedicated reporting and BI solutions integrate data from various sources within the law firm and external data sources, providing a unified view of the firm's operations.

  • Analytics systems may use techniques such as data mining, statistical analysis, and machine learning to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in the firm's data. Data is typically presented in reports and dashboards that allow business managers to understand and act upon the information.

  • Financial Performance BI solutions help law firms track and analyse their financial performance and provide key financial metrics, that allow firms to identify areas for improvement.

 The Legal Tech Buyers Guide recommends the following provider:


Firm Sizes

10-1000+ users



United Kingdom

Client base

100 firms

7,500 users

If required, Hindsight Legal Consulting can provide help and guidance to assist with system selection and implementation. 

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