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Last updated Feb 2024:

Recommended for:


  • Information Governance | eDiscovery



Rational Enterprise helps legal team address Information Governance and eDiscovery by providing the tools to understand their data.

This enthusiastic and diligent team, develop their software in-house to include a suite of advanced features and provide proactive and responsive professional support services. 

Known for its proprietary platform, the company distinguishes itself by offering flexibility and competitiveness in pricing, unbound by rigid reseller models.


What we like most about Rational Enterprise:

  • Robust and intuitively designed platform.

  • Reliability and accuracy in searching for and managing documents.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • A number of time saving features (important in this sector).

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Rational Enterprise or request an introduction.

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Business structure:

Founded on 2006, Rational are one of the few family run software providers operating in the legal tech space.

Ease of use:

Rational Review has been designed by litigators for litigators, and this orientation is reflected in its intuitive, decluttered, and fresh user interface.

Architecture & roadmap:

Rational Review combines cloud flexibility and flexible deployment options, hosted on Google Cloud but with the flexibility to run on other cloud platforms or behind firewalls. Its integration of Java, Elasticsearch, Python, and OpenAI ensures versatility and scalability across diverse environments.


Leveraging Agile development methodologies, Rational ensures that the e-discovery solution evolves with a highly customer centric focus to meet users' needs while staying ahead of industry trends and maintaining a competitive edge.


Rational Review supports interoperability through a REST interface and API.


Users describe the customer service experience as exceptional, with the Rational Enterprise team providing timely, expert guidance at every step, ensuring that the customer can maximise the capabilities of their platform.

Value for money:

The business are known for offering flexibility and competitiveness in pricing and as such cater to the needs of most shapes and sizes of firms.

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