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Last updated September 2023:

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  • Workflow Automation | Case Management


Lowcodeminds are a specialist legal industry implementer and reseller of the globally renowned and multi industry, Appian enterprise business process management and case management technology.

With over 150 certified consultants, many based off-shore and facilitating highly competitive day rates for application development, this new entrant to the legal market brings a refreshing new approach to workflow automation and case management space.


What we like most about Lowcodeminds:

  • The industry standard and globally recognised Appian technology.

  • Highly functional "Low Code" design platform.

  • Highly competitive pricing.

  • Large team of skilled consultants capable of delivering affordable turn-key solutions.

  • Specialist implementation skills.

  • Appian's preferred legal solutions partner

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about LowCodeMinds or request an introduction.

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Business structure: 

Lowcodeminds is a large privately held, UK business, with offices in London, Singapore, Chennai (India) and Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Ease of use: 

The excellent Appian application lets users quickly design and build enterprise grade applications with bespoke user interfaces to suite your specific requirements.

Architecture & roadmap: 

The Appian platform is fully cloud based and scalable with a suite of tools to support browser, mobile and customer portal interfaces. Recent development includes facilities to utilise the power of generative AI.


The Appian integration library provides an extensive set of integration adapters that the Lowcodeminds team can leverage to provide extensive integration capability.


While a relatively new name in the legal space, with a large team off implementation consultants including off-shore resources, Lowcodeminds have a high level of implementation capability. This large and affordable implementation resource opens up the possibility of more turn-key solutions for law firms with large legacy case management implementations that may have previously look impossible to replace.

Value for money: 

The combination of a cross-industry platform that is competitively priced and the off-shore implementation resource, result in a very competitively priced offering.

Things to consider: 

With a claimed 10 million users on the Appian platform, processing 11 billion transactions per day across 63 availability zones, Lowcodeminds are opening up truly enterprise grade business process automation for the legal sector.

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