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Last updated August 2023:

Recommended for:


  • Records Management and Data Retention


Malumas' outstanding Fusion product is an absolute "must have" application for any law firm with a track record of mergers or with legacy systems retained for enquiry or compliance purposes.

Fusion is an archive for all closed matters and their related documents regardless of what the originating system is, it can combine multiple source systems into a single, easy-to-use, and fully searchable application whilst still retaining data separation, security, and auditing. 


This allows firms to decommission legacy systems and hardware, centralise data and documents and apply firm based retention policies to destroy data and documents at the correct time, to assist with GDPR compliance.

What we like most about Maluma Fusion:

  • Exceptionally clean design and layout.

  • Quick implementation times.

  • Solves a real business problem in a highly effective manner.

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Maluma Fusion or request an introduction.

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Business structure: 

Maluma has been trading since 2013 and is owned by its founders Martyn Reid and David Hartley. It is a small business that aims to remain lean by executing on its principals of reliability and maintainability in its software products.

Ease of use: 

The Fusion interface is very well designed and executed allowing firms to configure and maintain the system easily on an ongoing basis and making it very easy to roll out to users.

Architecture & roadmap: 

Generally installed on-premise but can be virtualised and hosted within a private cloud. The web-based UI allows for easy deployment to users. As a small business, Maluma state that they can quickly react to the needs of their customers and changes in the marketplace as they arise, alongside planned roadmap developments.


Fusion has a RESTful web API that allows all its functionality to be readily integrated with other applications.


Implementations are managed in-house by the Maluma team. A typical project lead time is around 4 weeks and software installed and configured in the first week followed by a data migration project typically lasting around 4-8 weeks depending on complexity.

During this time the Maluma team delivers data retention workshops and training. 

Value for money: 

A simple pricing structure of "per archived system" makes this simple and straight forward.

Things to consider: 

The Maluma Fusion product has the potential to take the pressure out of law firm mergers and de-risk the process of the associated merging of disparate technology while maintaining “business as usual”.

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