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Legal Forms

Legal forms providers, are online platforms or services that provide court compliant forms and document libraries to assist individuals, businesses, and legal professionals in creating legally compliant and professionally formatted documents across all practice areas.

These providers aim to simplify the process of drafting legal forms by offering templates that can be easily customized to meet specific requirements.

  • Digital and Electronic Forms: With the increasing use of digital form submission to streamline the legal process, good vendors in this space will support both electronic and digital forms. 

  • Collaboration: Ease of collaboration between stakeholders during the completion of a form is critical to a good forms solution.

  • Integration: Historically, often an sector of legal technology characterised by variations in quality of integrations with PMS vendors (where the data is stored that feeds the legal forms), modern solutions offer increasingly robust integration capability and modern APIs that simplify this relationship.


Firm Sizes

All sizes supported



United Kingdom


User base

600+ firms

If required, Hindsight Legal Consulting can provide help and guidance to assist with system selection and implementation. 

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