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Last updated August 2023:

Recommended for:


  • Digital Signatures

  • Onboarding | Risk | Compliance

  • Document assembly


VirtualSignature-ID offers a complete range of onboarding tools from a single platform which integrate with existing case, document or practice management systems. The toolset includes; SmartSign (electronic signature), SmartForms (online digital forms), SmartCheck (client identity verification), SmartLink (client authentication and interaction), SmartPay, SmartConnect, SmartMail

What we like most about Virtual Signature:

  • Wide range of complementary technologies that solve a range of challenges for law firms.

  • Multiple levels of eSignature to suit risk level.

  • Document automation that allows conversion of PDF and Word documents into dynamic fillable forms, optimised for smart phones.

  • ID verification using NFC technology

  • Configurable workflow

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Virtual Signature or request an introduction.

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Business structure: 

Owned, operated and self funded by founder since 2014.  Recently undergone first round of investment.

Ease of use: 

The platform is intuitive and user friendly with little training required. The modular approach gives clients the ability to pick and choose which components are needed. The applications are available via portal login or RESTful API, allowing them to be plugged into existing systems. 

Architecture & roadmap: 

The development environment, under constant evolution to meet regulatory changes and extend the product features, is based on PHP & JavaScript, and the systems are hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. 


Standard integrations to a range of document, case and practice management systems eg. Visualfiles, Proclaim, iManage, Intapp, MS Dynamics, Advanced P4W, ActionStep, Cloudify etc.


The system is available on a free trial period and can be set up and available almost immediately for new customers.

Value for money: 

Prices vary depending on volume of transactions and solutions required. Usage credits can be "rolled over" if unused.

Things to consider: 

The company name of Virtual Signature ID Validate Ltd perhaps does not do justice to the range of services they offer - certainly a solution to investigate beyond the obvious.

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