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Last updated July 2023:

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  • All in One Practice Management


Clio is a very nicely constructed solution with a huge global footprint and users in over 100 countries. While functionally lighter than some competitors, the clean, crisp design and interesting tools such as a web site builder integrated into the solution will appeal to many smaller firms especially, and the fully cloud based platform will allow firms to scale easily.

Larger firms with more comprehensive document management requirements can benefit from tight integration with NetDocuments among a suite of available integrations.


What we like most about Clio:

  • Fully cloud accessible on any device.

  • Smart, intuitive interface that will require little training.

  • Web site builder is pretty unique and a nice addition.

  • "Clio Grow" provides a great client intake facility.

  • Availability of free trials for prospective users.

Want to know more?

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Business structure: 

A rapidly growing, 15 year old, privately owned global business with a recent (2021)  Series E funding injection of $110 million to support the "explosive" demand for cloud-based legal tech, and an overall $1.6 billion valuation certainly makes Clio a huge player in the legal tech space.

While some law firms might prefer to work with smaller businesses, Clio certainly looks to have a long term future in the industry.

Ease of use: 

There is no question that the UX team have been at the forefront of Clio development, the interface is easy to navigate and will undoubtedly be easy to use, however document production and email management are not as intuitive as some other systems and the lack of document previews and a traditional time sheet view, in particular, will not appeal to all users.

Architecture & roadmap:

A fully cloud based design accessible via any browser and device, and hosted on AWS with local data centres, certainly ticks all the right boxes. While there is not a published roadmap (few vendors offer this), Clio invests heavily in development and runs a number of initiatives such as annual "Legal Trends Report" which is driven by customer data, to understand to needs of their client base.


With an open API approach to integration, Clio lists an impressive array of certified integrations across the industry (250+ globally) and an excellent approach to additional integrations on a firm by firm basis via a dedicated Developer Hub.


Clio have a significant in-house implementation team and have significantly grown their overall headcount in the last 18 months. 

Value for money: 

Pretty good. Clio also operate an impressive online community beyond the normal support function including an "incubator program" for new law firms and free access for academic institutions helping prepare future lawyers for the workplace.

Things to consider: 

  • Clio currently lacks some automation features that bigger firms would expect to see.

  • Email integration is not a streamlined as some competitors.

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