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Last updated August 2023:

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Have you ever had a client not pay you on time? QuickFee’s excellent service provides significant benefits for law firms looking to streamline their payment process and expedite payment collection. 

Notably, QuickFee enables firms to offer their clients flexible payment plans and financing options, enabling them to receive full payment for their services promptly.

By doing so, QuickFee allows firms to regain control over their time, freeing them from the burden of chasing down payments and allowing them to focus on their core work.

What we like most about QuickFee:​


  • Secure online payment options via VISA, Mastercard and Amex plus electronic funds transfer.

  • Flexible customer payment plans from 3-12 months.

  • Customisable and white labelled payment portal.

  • Close integration with Xero.

  • Online acceptance.

  • Family Law Funding and Disbursement Funding available for qualifying firms.

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Quickfee or request an introduction.

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Business structure:

QuickFee is a publicly-listed company, traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code QFE. QuickFee generates revenue by offering a range of payments, disbursements, and fee funding solutions through an online portal.

These services cater to professional service firms and their clients, mostly in the legal and accounting industries.

QuickFee operates in Australia and USA and is headquartered in New South Wales.

Ease of use:

QuickFee is well designed, user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users with different levels of technical expertise to access and use it effortlessly.

The platform effectively simplifies payment processes, minimising manual efforts and enhancing overall efficiency.

Architecture & roadmap:

QuickFee integrates with leading practice management systems, allowing for effortless payment processing. It provides a customer branded, secure online payment portal and the links necessary to incorporate into their invoices or websites.

QuickFee's ongoing focus is to enhance their integration capabilities with additional systems and provide the best experience for their clients.


Many legal software vendors are now leveraging the Xero platform. As part of the Xero ecosystem, QuickFee makes it easy for law firms to readily take advantage of their funding solution. QuickFee also have the ability to integrate with other most common practice management systems in US and Australia.


The onboarding process for QuickFee is quick, straightforward, and hassle-free. It's worth noting that their qualification criteria position it as a premium product, catering specifically to firms with a minimum turnover of $1 million and a requirement of at least two years of financials. QuickFee also provides specialised funding solutions for family law and disbursements, which may have higher revenue threshold requirements.

Value for money: 

QuickFee offers a convenient fee funding solution with a one-time set-up fee of $400. There are no ongoing costs associated with the fee funding solution, allowing firms to receive 100% of their fees.

Additionally, QuickFee provides the option of an easy and secure online payment portal, which is available starting from $39 per month. This online payment portal is optional and offers a convenient way for firms to manage their payments efficiently.

Things to consider:

Not currently available in the UK but used widely in Australia and USA.

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