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Last updated August 2023:

Recommended for:

  • Document Collaboration (Deal Rooms)

  • Secure File Transfer


Dynamic and innovative provider in the secure file sharing (safedrop), document collaboration and deal room space, who work collaboratively with customers to optimise a product line-up that is lean, efficient and has a low cost of ownership.

As a small and responsive business, operating in a high pressure area of law, where customers are often up against tight deadlines, Projectfusion have a notably responsive 24/7 customer support team (UK Based). 


What we like most about Projectfusion:

  • Outstanding support service

  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Increased deal speed via auto-numbering.

  • Secure, audited centrally stored deal room communication.

  • White labelled, customer branded portal.

  • Fast and responsive document viewer.

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Project Fusion or request an introduction.

Your personal data is handled in accordance with our privacy notice which can be found here: Privacy Notice

Business structure:

A small private limited company founded in 2001, by current CEO Angus Bradley, fully UK based business based in Sandwich, Kent.

Ease of use:

Fully browser based solution with no local install and compatible with all browsers, Projectfusion has an intuitive and user friendly interface that is easy to adopt and roll out to both users and clients.

Architecture & roadmap:

Privately hosted within ISO27001 accredited data centres (default is UK but overseas clients can nominate their hosting location i.e. AWS, Azure or a private data centre).

Projectfusion work very collaboratively and openly with customer on the future development roadmap. One particularly noteworthy feature in development (due Q4 2023) is the ability to share files up to 500Gb in size securely.


Will typically outsource integration work (where it is required) via the Open API and also support WEBDav integration allowing native integration to Windows as an external drive while maintaining the high security (simple administrator configuration to set up).


Both Projectfusion and safedrop can be set up almost immediately although for more bespoke solutions - projects can take up to 48 hours (very impressive times). All implementations are managed in-house.

Value for money:

The deal room is free to use until the first deal is ready, once a firm starts to use the deal room in production there are both single or annual fee plans based on anticipated usage (users can switch between these).

All pricing (published for transparency) is for unlimited users - customers pay for the deal room space not the number of people using the data room.

Things to consider: 

Projectfusion also have a simple integrated eSignature feature that firms could take advantage of in other areas of the practice although this is not fully featured for all uses (such as witnessing) at the time of writing.

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