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Last updated August 2023:

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  • Workflow | Case Management


Built firmly within the Microsoft stack of products and on the Dynamics platform, Peppermint is now well established as a legal software vendor and focussing on the workflow and case management space - one of only a couple of current generation products capable of replacing complex workflow solutions in the market.

The solution is characterised by the focus on Microsoft interoperability allowing native integration with many complementary Microsoft products.


What we like most about Peppermint:

  • Great range of integrations available including leading legal platforms favoured in the large law sector.

  • Microsoft Dynamics underpinnings give access to robust tools and unlimited resources of developers familiar with the platform.

  • A powerful workflow toolkit for the larger law firms.

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Peppermint or request an introduction.

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Business structure:

Peppermint is a privately owner business with significant venture capital backing from Scottish Equity Partners and Accel-KKR.

Ease of use:

End user interface is very competent and will feel familiar to many users, whereas the toolkit for development is as comprehensive as you would expect with its Microsoft underpinnings. Overall a very competent solution and at home in the larger law firms who will relish the platform and the opportunities it affords.

Architecture & roadmap:

Fully Microsoft based and a true cloud application, Peppermint is hosted hosted within the Azure platform. The business has received strong backing from Microsoft and this is reflected in the roadmap.


Peppermint can reasonably be regarded as a leading "best of breed" case management solution and maintains a suite of integrations with complementary large law solutions such as Aderant, and iManage as well as having good native Document Management through SharePoint. The Dynamics components allow for a range of integrations to standard Microsoft tools but there is less direct support for applications outside the Microsoft stack.


Peppermint is deployed through a mix of in-house and outsourced resources and each implementation will also require significant input from the customer for configuration. This is a strong offering for larger law firms seeking a highly configurable solution.

Value for money:

The Peppermint price point is broadly in line with the current market trends although the implementation costs are likely to be higher than solutions aimed at smaller users. As part of a "best of breed" technology stack, the decision to deploy comprehensive solutions like Peppermint will not typically be price driven.

Things to consider: 

Less appealing to firms under 150 users due to the level of configuration typically required for workflows and the Microsoft Dynamics underpinnings sacrifice an element of developmental autonomy for Peppermint.

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