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Digital Dictation and Voice Recognition

Digital dictation involves using specialised software or devices to record spoken words and convert them into written text. Lawyers often use digital dictation to dictate their thoughts, ideas, or legal documents, which are then transcribed by a 3rd party (typically manually) into text format. Lawyers can dictate anytime and anywhere using various devices such as smartphones, digital recorders, or computer software.

In recent times, Voice recognition, also known as speech-to-text technology, which converts spoken words directly into written text using sophisticated algorithms, has been widely adopted. Lawyers can use voice recognition software to dictate legal documents, emails, or memos, and the software transcribes their speech into text format in real-time.

  • Efficiency: voice recognition software allows lawyers to create written documents by speaking naturally, eliminating the need for manual typing.

  • Real-time Transcription: Lawyers can see their words being transcribed in real-time, allowing for immediate review and editing.

  • Accuracy: Modern voice recognition systems have significantly improved accuracy rates, reducing the need for extensive post-editing.

  • Legal Terminology: While generic voice recognition capabilities are now natively supported on most technology platforms, legal specific vendors should natively support the recognition of legal terminology, enhancing accuracy and reducing errors

  • Integration: Integration with other Legal tools can be hugely beneficial to legal teams wanting to harness the full power of voice recognition and it should also be noted that many Cloud based legal vendors are now offering native voice recognition support across key components and text entry points of their applications.


Firm Sizes

10 - unlimited users



United Kingdom and Nordics focus.


User base

250+ firms

20,000 users

If required, Hindsight Legal Consulting can provide help and guidance to assist with system selection and implementation. 

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