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Document Management Systems

Most all-in-one legal practice management solutions encompass competent Document Management Systems (DMS) however, given the importance of document management within legal practices, many law firms elect to implement specialist solutions for an enhanced level of competency in areas such as;

  • Document Collaboration and Sharing (allowing multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, track changes, leave comments, and maintain document integrity).

  • Security and Access (enhanced data security and confidentiality, through robust definable access control mechanisms that protect legal documents from unauthorised access).

  • Document Versioning and Audit Trails (maintain a comprehensive history of document versions and changes, allowing users to track modifications, revert to previous versions, and maintain an audit trail for compliance and legal purposes).

  • Document Retention and Compliance (manage document retention policies and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements).

 The Legal Tech Buyers Guide recommends:


Firm Sizes

All sizes supported




Client base

7,000 businesses

If required, Hindsight Legal Consulting can provide help and guidance to assist with system selection and implementation. 

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