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Digital Signature

Digital signatures play a significant role in law by providing a secure and legally binding method to authenticate and validate electronic documents and transactions. In essence, a digital signature is the electronic equivalent of a traditional handwritten signature and serves as a means to verify the integrity and authenticity of digital information.


Digital signatures use a cryptographic algorithm to bind a unique identifier (e.g., a person's digital certificate) to an electronic document. This process ensures that the signature is uniquely linked to the signer and can be used to verify their identity.

Particular features a law firm needs from Digital Signature solutions include:

  • Workflow and collaboration firms often require collaborative document review and signing processes involving multiple parties. Digital signature solutions should support workflow capabilities, allowing efficient routing of documents for review, approval, and signing. The ability to assign roles and permissions to different participants, track document status, and automate reminders can streamline the signing process.

  • Integration - law firms typically rely on various software applications such as document management, case management and as such, digital signature solutions should seamlessly integrate with these existing systems to enable a the effective and efficient use of the solutiion.

  • Audit and compliance law firms need to maintain an audit trail of signed documents for legal and regulatory purposes. Digital signature solutions should provide comprehensive audit logs that record all significant events throughout the signing process, including timestamps, actions taken by signers, and any modifications made to the document. This helps demonstrate compliance and serves as evidence in case of disputes.

 The Legal Tech Buyers Guide recommends the following solutions:

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Customer base

80+ firms




Rulestar_Logo_Blue_Black_HighRes NEW.png

Customer base

270+ firms




United Kingdom


Note: Bundled with Rulestar document assembly toolkit


Customer base

10+ firms



Note: Offering is Adobe Acrobat Sign for iManage only

If required, Hindsight Legal Consulting can provide help and guidance to assist with system selection and implementation. 

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