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Last updated May 2024:

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  • Managed Print and Managed IT Services

  • Digital Document Transformation

  • Digital Transformation


Acquired by HP in 2018 and with 30 years of industry experience, Apogee have 24 UK locations and over 200 field based engineers helping organisations of all sizes and sectors streamline their IT needs.


By managing workplace technology on your behalf their clients, Apogee enables businesses to maximise output; while encouraging your employees to work smarter, safer, and more sustainably.

Headline services include:

  • Minimising errors in records with software that automatically processes documents, e.g. invoices and other documents;

  • Guidance from cyber security experts without needing to commit to a hire.

  • Protection of confidential documents from internal and external data breaches with Information Management.

  • Digitisation of paper records.

  • Supporting collaboration between remote and office based teams with sophisticated Digital Workplace tools

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