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Last updated April 2024:

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  • Implementation Partner (Actionstep and Yao)

  • Reporting | Business Intelligence


Forenzix provides civil litigation quantum reporting and a range of market-leading tech solutions for the legal market. 
Using their in-house team of developers and auditors their bespoke software leads the way for legal practices throughout the UK. 

Forenzix calculate quanta and generate reports that offer both accuracy and efficiency in assessing the merit of civil claims. 
They take instruction from mainly legal partners in the industry, and work with their partners to produce valuable tools for litigation and other claims processes. 

In February of 2023 Forenzix launched a revolutionary software that solved the claimant duplication issue plaguing the diesel emissions group litigations. 
This has become testament to their ability to create quick and dependable solutions to detailed specifications.

Forenzix has extensive experience in the design and implementation for practice management software systems. They are implementation partners for a number of marketing leading PMS systems. 

Having a proven track record in pre-litigation services, configuring a range of software solutions and understanding group litigation process as well as wider legal practice, Forenzix sits as a highly regarded trusted advisor in their industry.

Given their broad range of capabilities, Forenzix is able to help with:

  • Financial litigation claim assessment reporting.

  • De-duplication of data subjects or the creation of software that solves similar tasks.

  • Practice Management Software implementation.

  • Legal processing automation software solutions.

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