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Last updated August 2023:

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  • Data Extraction Migration and Cleansing



The second of two excellent Maluma products featured in this guide, their DataSync product provides real-time replication of Progress OpenEdge data into Microsoft SQL making it readily accessible for integration and reporting needs.

DataSync customers can then use industry standard toolkits to build reports and dashboards, data warehouses and online portals, all serviced by DataSync.


What we like most about Maluma DataSync:

  • Simply and effectively solves a common problem for law firms running Progress OpenEdge based solutions such as SOS, Visualfiles and ProClaim.

  • Very quick and easy to implement.

  • Robust

  • Does exactly "what it says on the tin!"

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Maluma Datasync or request an introduction.

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Business structure:

Maluma has been trading since 2013 and is owned by its founders, Martyn Reid and David Hartley. It is a small business which aims to remain lean by executing on its principles of reliability and maintainability in its software products.

Ease of use:

The DataSync design ethos focusses on performance, resilience, and maintainability. It can process many millions of transactions a day, is able to recover from network outages without human interaction and has an inbuilt set of tools to perform all maintenance functions.

Architecture & roadmap:

Installed on both the Progress OpenEdge server and the Microsoft SQL Server, DataSync runs as Windows services.

The future roadmap for DataSync includes adapting it to work on UNIX platforms for the North American market.


DataSync has a RESTful web API giving users access to its internal statistics, data mapping & cloning engine and maintenance routines from any third-party product.


Implementations are managed in-house by the Maluma team. Typical lead time is 2 weeks and DataSync can be installed and running in 1-2 days.

Value for money:

Price on application as this varies by site based on size. Maluma DataSync works on the basis of a annual subscription licences with one licence required per production Progress OpenEdge database.

Things to consider: 

The Maluma DataSync solves one of the most persistent challenges in legacy legal technology – namely how to get data out of Progress OpenEdge based solutions and into industry standard reporting formats. As such it has the capacity to extend the life expectancy of such solutions and underpin more comprehensive migrations to new systems by giving firms the ability to present data in a useable format to new suppliers for data transformation.

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