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Last updated August 2023:

Recommended for:

  • Document Bundling

  • Digital Signature (Adobe Acrobat Sign for iManage)


Zylpha are a small, but perfectly formed, development house under the outstanding leadership of founder Tim Long, and specialising in beautifully conceived and executed bolt on functionality and bespoke integrations for the legal tech market.

Document Bundling - The go-to standalone document bundling offering in the legal market, this well established solution which, as you would expect, takes documents in a wide variety of formats (including video and audio) from a good selection of case and document management systems and creates a single paginated indexed pdf. 

Where Zylpha excel is in the ability to provide features and functions beyond the standard bundling offerings, sufficient to meet the stringent requirements of the UK Courts.

Adobe Acrobat Sign for iManage - This iManage specific solution allows users to send documents for signature using Adobe Acrobat Sign, with signed documents and all transaction updates written back to iManage in real-time. 

The user stays within iManage to send documents out for signature without having to separately interact with their Adobe account.  


What we like most about Zylpha:

  • An excellent development team offering high quality niche solutions and services.

  • Excellent customer support

  • Unrivalled domain knowledge

Want to know more?

Ask Hindsight Legal Consulting about Zylpha or request an introduction.

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Business structure:

A solid and well-run, privately-owned company, founded in 2004, with no external investors or borrowings.

Ease of use:

Both products benefit from clean, easy to use interfaces. Most users require very little training and able to get up and running very quickly.

Architecture & roadmap:

Continual development and exceptional domain expertise ensure that Zylpha stay ahead of the curve. The solutions are .net “on premise” installs or fully hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


  • Adobe Acrobat Sign for iManage: Tight integration with iManage Work 10

  • Document Bundling: A full API is available and existing integrations with systems such as iManage, NetDocuments, Peppermint, LEAP, Visualfiles, Mattersphere, FileDynamics and others.


  • Adobe Acrobat Sign for iManage: On premise install takes about half a day and can either be carried out by Zylpha or a firms own IT teams or provider. The fully hosted implementation can be setup in less than an hour. Remember that an Adobe Acrobat Sign account is required.

  • Document Bundling: Self-service install (sign-up online). If required, the desktop version is a simple installer which can be automated using most software deployment tools.

Value for money:

  • Adobe Acrobat Sign for iManage: Pricing starts at £2,500 p.a. depending on the number of users.

  • Document Bundling: A good variety of packages available including a free offering for the "occasional bundler", a solo offering (up to 40 concurrent bundles), PAYG and Enterprise - i.e. something for everyone!.

Things to consider:

Zylpha are Visualfiles specialists and have developed a range of Visualfiles integrations for products like FormEvo, Land Registry Business Gateway, Loqate, Safedrop and VirtualSignature to name a few.

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