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Last updated August 2023:

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A highly rated and brand new mid-market entrant to the legal practice management space, this platform is based on world leading CRM platform - as trusted by leading organisations around the globe and promising access to all the associated tools from the Salesforce platform and ecosystem.

While very early days for this vendor (UK early adopters will need to work closely with NebuLAW to plug gaps in functionality and ensure compliance with local legal accounting and Tax rules), this is a welcome addition in an area of the market that is seeing the rapid exit of historically dominant suppliers and dwindling choice for buyers.


What we like most about NebuLAW:

  • Basing a legal PMS on the enterprise-grade Salesforce platform ticks a lot of boxes for a secure and functional cloud application and allows for significant functional scope.

  • One of the few recent entrants to to offer a platform with genuine scope for firms to develop their own solutions and thus filling a space in the mid-market that is desperately short of viable options.

  • Nebular have secured an impressive list of Australian early adopters from the legal and government markets.

  • Highly scalable for a wide range of customers with both native functionality and key integrations available.

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Business structure: Born out of a Brisbane law firms frustration at the lack of suitable options in the market, this small, dynamic start-up is still majority owned by the founders and has received investment from a prominent selection of Australian law firms and other related investors.

After building the solution for a few years internally they started trading as a software business in 2021 and have quickly built up a solid user base.

Ease of use: The user experience obviously leans heavily on the Salesforce platform upon which it is based, and the NebuLAW design ethos is to maintain a clean and efficient interface for users and generally they manage to achieve this very well, and have won some notable admirers in the Australian legal tech space.

Obviously there will be functional gaps when measured against mature previous generation applications that have been under development for decades but the underpinning Salesforce toolkit will undoubtedly allow ambitious and knowledgeable firms to really push on with the product.

Architecture & roadmap: Developed on the AWS hosted Salesforce platform with local data centres by geography, NebuLAW is a fully cloud based solution.

The underpinning Salesforce platform provides customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development, making it an ideal platform for a practice management system (remember this is not the first time that a PMS has been developed on a CRM backbone)

Integrations: Alongside the Open API offered by Salesforce, we have also noted that there are currently a good number of other complementary providers in the legal space already hitching their wagon to the Salesforce environment, not to mention over 3,400 apps that have been developed globally which law firms will be able to take advantage of.

Additionally, Salesforce developers are plentiful so finding resource to work with the solution is unlikely to be difficult.

Implementation: NebuLAW quite sensibly takes a Partnership approach to implementation and work with PWC NewLAW to provide the resources and expertise required on projects.

Value for money: Very good indeed if Australian per user per month pricing translates to the UK market as expected.

Things to consider: NebuLAW offer a competitive NetDocuments partner bundle that is very attractive for users looking for integrated world class document management.

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